Noun - [ðə raɪtə tɒm]
A fiction-devoted vicenarian with a love of iced coffee, ramen, puffins and the outdoors.

Unlike many aspiring authors, I haven’t been writing since I could pick up a pen. When I did find out that I could pick up a pen, I used that skill to careen about with Action Men, Duplo and whatever soft toy I could find. But, I was still making stories. Conjuring them in my head or shouting them out as I ran about the garden; living the ups and downs of each character, shocking plot twist and gripping conclusion. I’ve always loved how stories flow; that magical way they grow or change or end. It’s only been relatively recently that I realised how to express that magic.

Enter my teenage years and a friend who showed me the upcoming BritWriters Awards competition, and told me to enter alongside him. So I did, entering in My Room, a short story that you can find here. A lot of teenage angst debutted there, but I can remember vividly how much I loved the process.  I expected less than little but I was fortunate enough to make it to the penultimate round, narrowly missing out on the chance to attend a shiny award ceremony hosted in the heart of London. I latched onto this slight success and decided it was my calling. I have rarely looked back since. 

I’ve moved around a lot, living in 6 different cities and 2 countries in the past seven years, but writing has always followed me. It’s a versatile companion, fitting in my suitcase, my backpack or even my phone. I think this is one of the reasons I like it so much. Writing is, at its heart, joyously simple. All you need is an idea and a place to put it. 

This website is my newest place, and I hope you enjoy the décor.

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