Entry I – The First Indent

Howdy, stranger.

Welcome to the first entry of my writing blog.

I’ve named it The Backspace Key and Me for several reasons. First of all, it’s quite catchy. Second, keyboard warriors like you or I, I would say, probably spend more time pressing/holding the backspace key than any other (except perhaps the space key). Writing is a lot of reviewing, changing and deleting. I second guess my words a lot. I delete a lot of what I write. I alter entire characters. It’s a personal process that is everchanging. Thirdly, I intend for this blog to be a very frank and honest detailing of my writing career and creative endeavours. It won’t be nebulous, or pull any punches. 

Now all that seriousness is out of the way, there will also irreverent things such as haikus, flash fiction and extra content from my upcoming novel, Our Waking Dreams.

So, I hope you stick around and keep tabs on this, it will be updated whenever I have the chance. Once a week, twice a week, perhaps even daily. 

Write on,

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The Backspace Key and Me