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Content Writing

I am confident composing both print and digital content: blogs, websites, articles, reviews, email campaigns & social media.


I have a comprehensive editorial skillset, including editing, copywriting, proofreading & transcription.


Along with a keen eye for detail; I am able to understand the voice behind the vision and bring it to the fore.


I am competent utilizing Microsoft Word, Excel VBA, WordPress, Adobe Creative Suite and Sony Vegas.

Having previously worked at one of the UK’s leading publishers of sci-fi, fantasy & crime fiction, comics, and movie/ TV tie-ins, I have been involved with the creation, promotion and distribution of a wide array of creative media. This has given me a strong knowledge of the publishing process and the inner workings of the industry. My work has been featured in over 200 publications and I have been fortunate to contribute and edit articles for internationally published magazines, including Star Wars Insider and Star Trek Magazine. My experience also covers digital content, having handled blogs, articles, case studies and social media coordination. I can adhere to strict schedules and deadlines, and will resolve any anticipated or unforeseen issues in a timely manner.

I hold a MA in English and Creative Writing and I have extensive experience in handling both creative and educational texts, including novels, short stories, dissertations and theses. I am also a CELTA qualified English teacher, and am highly proficient in both core and advanced grammar structures and their applications. Regardless of content or context, I would treat your material with respect and dedication.  

"Tom's detailed edits provide extensive grammatical and structural advice, as well as general comments on overall flow and character analysis. I am very happy with the work he has done so far, and will be sure to use him as an editor for any future novels I write!"
"Tom has really helped me to shape my writing. He’s expert at giving your work great flow and structure, I would highly recommend him to help polish your finished draft."
United Kingdom
"With Tom's help I was able to breathe fresh life into a ten year old project and turn it into something I'm proud of."