Entry II – So… about that blog?

Where did all that time go?


I blink and a month and a week has gone by since I’ve written my first entry. That wasn’t quite the plan! I suppose no-one is currently reading this blog at this moment, so it’s not the end of the world – but it’s an important reminder, for me at least, just how fast days can slip away from you. I’d even made time in my day to write each entry. 

It’s been a busy month for me – creatively and existentially! 

I was fortunate enough to be selected for the second round of the Comrades in Arms Short Story competition hosted by Black Library. I was delighted. In truth, I’d thought I either had mistyped my email address or not qualified, since the deadline was August 2019! It was a welcome surprise and I was delighted to have the chance to show my writing to a company whose books I’d spent a lot of my childhood reading. Even if I don’t win, it was an honour, and I think I’ll keep writing it anyway – I’m starting to get attached to these characters! I hope I haven’t jinxed myself by typing this… so I’ll move swiftly on.

Editorially, I’ve been kept busy by one of my client’s novels – a high-school romance that hits that great line between nail-bitingly cringe and heart-warming. I had the pleasure of working on her initial draft, so seeing how much progress she had made in her second was really wonderful. Then, while I was finishing that – I got hit in the forehead by a total left-field ball, and I’ve partnered up with this kickass company in Leeds, writing for their newest TV advertisement. They’re a relatively new company, but full of passion and the willingness to graft for it, and that’s something I’ll always get on with. Speaking of, I need to graft these blog entries more! 

The current state of the world has kept a lot of us in uncertainty, and this is when I feel creative pursuits can be a saviour. So whenever, if ever, anyone reads this, I hope you pick up that pen or pencil, sing that song, or paint that picture. When the world isn’t so bright, people like you and I have the power to make it a little bit brighter. 

Write on,


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